Norcold Inc. has recalled almost 190,000 refrigerators built as long ago as January 1987, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
The company has recalled 180,455 units with the following model numbers: 442, 443, 452, EV452, 453, 462, EV462, 463, EV463, 482, EV482, 483, EV483, 874 and 875. The refrigerators, built between January 1987 and May 1995, could experience a breakdown in a rubber seal within the gas valve.
Norcold will provide customers with a replacement gas valve free of charge.
The company also recalled 8,419 units of its 1200LR and 1200RIM models with serial numbers between 700000 and 1008700. The refrigerators, built between December 1996 and February 1999, can experience low cycle fatigue that can lead to the liquid solution leaking from the sealed, pressurized cooling unit through a small crack.
Norcold will provide customers with a replacement cooling unit free of charge.