RV refrigerator manufacturer Norcold has voluntarily recalled several models of its gas/electric refrigerators and three small gas absorption/electric refrigerator models.
The recalled gas/electric refrigerators include the N841, N821, N641, N621 and 1082 models built in 1999. The affected models have refrigerator serial numbers from 691972 through 771576 and a cooling unit serial numbers from 1038000 through 1099000. The refrigerator serial number is on the inside right of the cabinet and the cooling unit serial number on the solution chamber and can be seen through the refrigerator vent door outside the RV.
Some customers have had the cooling unit heater element replaced but Norcold wants to replace the entire cooling unit to prevent future problems.
Recalled refrigerators that have not experienced cooling unit leaks still need to have the cooling unit heating element replaced, according to Norcold, a unit of Thetford Corp.
RVers whose rigs have the recalled units should switch the refrigerator’s controls to the manual mode and select LP gas as the method of operation. Then, they should open the outside access panel and unplug the electric cord from the refrigerator.
The three small gas absorption refrigerators that were recalled are primarily found in folding campers. The recalled models are: 322/323 with serial numbers lower than 734882; N260/N260.3 with serial numbers lower than 738527 and N300/N300.3 with serial numbers lower than 738626.
Persons owning the recalled units should turn the manual shut-off valve to OFF and operate it only on AC or DC power until the defect is repaired. No gas leak can occur during AC or DC operation, according to Norcold.
RVers whose rigs are equipped with the recalled units should call a Norcold dealer/service center to arrange a service date as soon as possible. It’s possible to call Norcold at (800) 767-9101 to get the location of the nearest service center.
There will be no cost for parts and labor.