North Dakota’s first indoor RV park is set to open in late July. KFYR TV, Bismarck, reported that the idea for the project actually started as a joke.

“It was brought up by the builders here, B&H construction. One of their relatives was kind of joking that if he had to work out here and live out here, he would park his RV in a barn,” said Property Manager Tyler Sperling.

They wanted to build the park to make people living in RVs feel a little more at home.

“We’re going to have on-site laundry service and mail service, vending machines and entertainment,” added Sperling. “When RVs move into the unit, everything they need will be ready for them. We’re going to have all of their electricity, their water, their septic and propane plugged into their RV, so they only have to hook up once,” Sperling added.

One person who lives in an RV park now says the indoor concept would be good for not only him, but for his RV, too. “Indoor your RVs out of the weather, its not going to get froze, and it’s more protected,” said Jason Moor.

The indoor park is going to be sectioned off so each RV has its own private space, something Moor says he would enjoy. “That would be pretty nice. I like movies, and I like quiet when I sleep, so that would be pretty nice.”

Park management also talked to city leaders to make sure the park will meet building codes. “The department of health, we have a lot of bays that we will put in here. So we consulted with them to make sure the park meets building codes,” said Sperling.

There will be 240 units available, when the park is finished.