It’s been a strong year for the sales of campers in northern Michigan. According to a report in UpNorthLive, an industry trade group says this year has set some records that have stood for decades.

At Vacation Trailer Sales in Benzonia, Bill Workman says trailers have changed a bit since he started selling them in the 1970’s.

What were once modest places to spend a few days with a bit more creature comfort than a tent now boast leather furniture, full kitchens, and flat screen TV’s.

“Most of the larger campers are becoming a seasonal cottage,” says Workman. “They’re at a campground or on some property that people own. They park them for the summer and sometimes they take them south and do the same thing in a warmer climate.”

Recently, the people in the market for RVs are getting younger.

“We are seeing a few more younger people that were taken out of the market when the economy went a little sour,” says Workman.  “They’re coming back and realize, ‘I’m going to work, I’m going to have a job, and I can afford to do something that’s fun.’”

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