Rob Letherman

Rob Letherman, director of real estate operations and president of Northland Corp., announced that the firm has expanded display space for the 2018 Elkhart RV Dealer Open House.

According to a press release, the “West OEM Campus” will be located on the northwest corner of County Road 6 and County Road 17. In past years, the area held up to seven OEMs, but with the expansion the area will accomodate 12 display areas.

“We have demand for additional space. We are excited to offer more locations to OEMs,” remarked Letherman. “This strategic location along County Road 17 and across from Executive Parkway will allow OEMs a location with high visibility at less cost than being on Executive Parkway. Each location is approximately 140 feet deep and 70 feet wide.”

Current exhibitors include Travel Lite RV, Regency RV, Crux Expedition Trailers, Aliner/Somerset, nuCamp, VanLeigh RV, and Sundowner Trailers. “By clustering OEMs together, it provides dealers an area where they can visit multiple OEMs without having to drive from display to display,” Letherman noted.

With the addition of the RV Supplier and Vendor Exhibition, Northland has also created  a new website at www.elkhartrvdealershow.com. The site contains basic information for both OEMs and dealers, along with area services, maps, location availability, and links to OEM home pages. This is a basic but informative web site,” said Letherman.

For space pricing and information contact Rob Letherman at 574-262-2576 or visit the website.