For the 13th year, the Northwood RV Owners Association (NROA) held its annual rally June 22-28 at Eagle’s Hot Lake RV Park in La Grande, Ore., home to Northwood Manufacturing.

According to a press release, Adam and Donna Sherman founded the NROA “in support of their love for RVing and admiration of the quality of all Northwood products.”

Northwood again helped host the annual rally, which drew around 68 coaches with over 144 participants from as far away as Florida and Canada.

Adam Sherman emphasized the continued influx of new association memberships as over 30% of participants at this year’s rally were first-time attendees. 

In reviewing all the Northwood units on site for the event, Northwood COO Ward King noted, “We are especially heartened to see the ever-increasing diversity represented at the rally. It is apparent by their increasing presence here that our newer brands are appealing to Northwood’s  traditional buyers as well as a new, younger, generation of RV owners.” 

He further stated that the rally has always been a great way to gather insights into what is important to Northwood customers. As in previous years, Northwood set up a  display of their newest models and collected feedback from the owners group.

In an address to association members, Northwood CEO Jim Jones stated, “We remain committed to making ourselves accessible to you, our customers, as you all are our greatest resource. We will continue to maintain the mission of ‘quality first’ that Ron Nash insisted upon. It has always been and will continue to be our unflinching goal to provide unmatched quality, strength, and durability in all we do. We will always push to be a leader in innovation and continue to focus on upgrading all of facets of our products as well.”

Per tradition, the rally culminated with a Northwood hosted barbecue luncheon and  an “all win” raffle.

To learn more about the organization, the rally and the owner’s forum, visit the website at                       www.AFNash.com.