Northwood owners attend rally in Oregon

Northwood Manufacturing Inc. recently welcomed 68 rigs and 140 people to Eagles Hot Lake RV Park in picturesque La Grande, Ore., for the company’s annual owners rally. According to a press release, attendees traveled from as far away as Florida and the Canadian provinces for the event, organized by the Northwood RV Owners Association (NROA).

In close proximity to the builder’s manufacturing base in La Grande, owners were able to view the production process during several in-plant tours while all-new models were on display at the RV park for review. Northwood also assigned a team of technicians to visit the campground and help the owners with product concerns that may have arisen.

“(Owner) Ron Nash and the La Grande community are the heart of what we do,” said National Director of Sales Donald Cochran. “Having our customers join us here at the plant is such a positive for everyone. Our customers get to see first-hand the people, materials and processes we use to build the highest quality towable products in the industry.

“Our people have an opportunity to get to know our customers and their priorities. And it also brings business to our local economy, further supporting our people and our community.”

Ward King, Northwood COO, told attendees that, “Northwood Manufacturing truly values this organization of fine people. We value you for your ideas and input as much as for your business and loyalty. These rallies offer a great insight into what is important to our customer. We are as committed to remaining accessible to you our customers as we are to maintaining the culture of quality Ron Nash instilled in us.”

The rally culminated with a barbecue luncheon with Northwood staff and executives mingling with the owners. In a show of appreciation, the executives conduct a raffle in which every attending RV is assured of winning an RV related prize.