Pop-up campers have come a long way in terms of comfort and  built-in technology, but for the most part the design has remained  unchanged.  Of course, it was only a matter of time until someone  came up with something new and exciting and in this case, imodern-pop-up-camper4t could change how  people  look at their  “home away from  home,” according to  Inventorspot.com. Calling the Mobile Mini  House (shown in a  computer rendering at left and below) a popup is slightly  misleading, the  website item concedes, as it expands outward  rather than  upward, but it’s interesting nonetheless. 


 Once parked, the  Mobile Mini House  unfolds, much like a Japanese Hand Fan, and covers a full 252 degrees. When opened, campers can live comfortably knowing you have a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office and living room at their disposal. The rooms are divided by a system of lightweight walls that slide along a pair of tracks laid into the floor. The individual components of each room are either folded to save space or stored somewhere that can be easily accessed during setup. Once fully extended and everything has been arranged, a membrane can be stretched over the entire thing to keep the bugs and weather on the outside. The idea is just that and has yet to be built.