Many U.S. National Park Service (NPS) officials have publicly pointed to the negative impact of overtourism during the past year, and they are considering reservation systems for some parks and other measures to address visitor growth.

According to Skift.com, while officials are mulling reservation systems for some parks to get a handle on overtourism, these  aren’t imminent, said Donny Leadbetter, tourism program manager for the U.S. National Park Service.

More than 330 million people visited a park, monument or site part of the national park system last year, about the same as 2016. But visitors spent more than 1.4 billion hours in the parks, a 1.4% (19 million hours) increase year-over-year.

Some 61 of the 385 reporting parks (the park service has 417 parks and sites across the United States) set new visitation records last year (16 percent of reporting parks).