The National Park Service (NPS) updated its guidelines for donations and philanthropic partnerships, clarifying how and where donors can be acknowledged and expanding the range of partner opportunities, including with individuals and start-ups, but also corporations that produce or distribute alcohol. As reported by National Parks Traveler, naming rights in parks still will not be permitted.

Director’s Order 21, last revised in 2008, was signed by Director Jonathan Jarvis after three years of work, including input from a committee of philanthropists and review by the public and employees. It simplifies the agreement process with partners; recognizes the importance of all types of philanthropy, including in-kind donations and volunteerism; and broadens the scope of giving through electronic donations, mobile giving, and individual and planned giving.

“These updates bring the long history of philanthropic support for America’s national parks into the 21st century,” Director Jarvis said in a statement.

Historically, the agency has relied on organizations formed solely for the purpose of working with the Park Service, such as the National Park Foundation, at a national level and well-established “friends groups” locally.

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