NRVIA logoThose individuals who are looking to develop the hands-on technical skills necessary to become a part- or full-time certified RV inspector or campground maintenance technician, or just learn how to maintain their RV, are encouraged to attend one of two upcoming five-day RV Maintenance Technician courses from the National RV Inspections Association (NRVIA).

The courses will be held in May 2015 in the northwest United States. Course details and schedules can be found at www.rvtechcourse.com. The upcoming course locations are:

  • May 4-8 at JWK RV Park in Redding, Calif.
  • May 18-22 at Premier RV Park in Eugene, Ore.

“We are excited about the growth of the National RV Inspections Association,” said Terry Cooper, NRVIA president and one of the course instructors. “But the industry’s need for certified RV inspectors is outpacing the supply of these inspectors. This need for a ‘home inspections for RVs’ has grown to such a point that there have been times we did not have an inspector available in some parts of the country.

“Each year over 60% of all used RVs are being sold through private parties and never have a chance to go through an RV dealer. While there are a lot of good used RVs out there, we seeing some really ugly situations that RV buyers are unknowing putting themselves into,” Cooper continued.

“For instance, this last year our historical data for motorized units is showing that over 25% of the RV engines are having some type of mechanical issue. These issues are being found when the RV inspector pulls samples of the oil or coolant fluids and has them tested, just like your medical doctor does when blood work is pulled for you when you have a physical.

“We are finding particles of bearings and other internal components floating around in the oil, telling us the engine is failing. At today’s cost of $20,000 to $30,000 to rebuild a diesel pusher engine, this dream of the carefree RVing lifestyle is going to turn into a nightmare of epic portions. Buyers want the peace of mind.”

The NRVIA is working to train and certify RV Inspectors by offering two learning paths, and are scheduling the five-day hands-on RV Maintenance Technician Courses across the country (www.rvtechcourse.com) as well as the online website training at www.NRVIA.org.

“Recently we saved a webinar on YouTube, ‘RV Inspections a FT or PT Small Business Opportunity,’ where we talk about the history of NRVIA and what we are finding in this business of RV Inspections,” Cooper added. “This is our first time in the northwest for these classes, so we encourage folks to view the YouTube video and learn how they can get their certified RV inspector credentials.”