NTP-STAG announced several customer service enhancements to its account center at viantp.com.

“We are always looking for ways to leverage our online B2B platform to provide better resources, tools and communication that makes it easier to do business with us,” said Tom Romanoski, director of customer care, in a press release. “We were careful to listen to what our customers were saying and discovered that our internal team had similar interests in sharing information faster allowing said customers to self-service more during any hour of the day.”

The site improvements were engineered internally and launched at the beginning of June.

The account center enhancements allow NTP-STAG customers to review their invoice history, initiate return to stock MRA requests, view accounts receivable billing and payment history as well as their order history. The new interface also allows customers to cancel an order and view what will be delivered that day.

“These upgrades provide our customers the information they need when they need it to help manage their accounts with us. We do that every day with the products we deliver and now we can do it with customer information, too,” says Romanoski. “These are great additions to our customer service model and we have already started working on creating new user guides and “how to” videos for the site to help our customers learn how to take advantage of these improvements.”

To learn more about the account center at viantp.com, active NTP-STAG customers can log in and click the account center button located in the top right corner of the site.