NTP-STAG has added OXX Inc.’s COFFEEBOXX to its kitchen appliances category.

According to a press release, the COFFEEBOXX is a coffeemaker field-tested to perform  beyond industry standards. Ideally suited for rough work environments, like construction zones and military bases, the COFFEEBOXX also can be used at any tailgate, campsite, RV, or boat.

The COFFEEBOXX features a UV-resistant shell and stainless-steel construction. It’s dust-proof and water-tight, rust-resistant and can stand up to a 1,500-pound load with ease. With a rubber carrying handle, fold-up drip tray, three-foot retractable power cord, and 12-pound weight (when empty), the unit is compact and portable.

The 2 1/2-liter water tank can service up to 10, eight-ounce servings before needing a refill, and the brewing compartment features a removable drip tray, accommodating up to an eith-inch tall cup. The COFFEEBOXX is single-serve, fitting any brand K-cup compatible pod. It heats the water to 190 degrees in less than 30 seconds, allowing for a brew time of 75 seconds.

“Quite simply, OXX is a natural fit within the RV aftermarket, and we’re very pleased to now make this product available to RV dealers and their customers,” said Thomas Probst, category manager at NTP-STAG. “Whether on the shelf, situated in a well-positioned merchandising display, or in a service waiting area using the OXX and sampling the coffee, OXX’s ingenious design, packaging, and displays will be a big draw at dealerships.”