NTP-STAG announced the addition of Ruggable to its interior accessories category, a two-piece system featuring a washable rug cover and detachable non-slip pad.

According to a press release, the patented product is constructed of non-toxic and naturally flame-resistant materials, comes in a variety of trendy designs, and is stain resistant as well as pet friendly. Ruggable is cushioned for comfort but lightweight enough for easy lifting and washing, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.

“We’re pleased to include Ruggable as part of our vast line of RV aftermarket products. The product offers creative solutions that transition from RV and travel trailer use to home and outdoors,” said Ron Weatrowski, category manager at NTP-STAG. “Furthermore, our exclusive relationship with Ruggable highlights our commitment to aligning our customers with the right product at the right value.”

Michael Malm, executive vice president of Ruggable parent company Crystal Art Gallery noted, “We are very excited to partner with NTP-STAG for the distribution of the Ruggable two-piece rug system within the RV market. Because this patented solution allows the consumer to be able to peel the top of the rug off of the non-slip base for easy cleaning in a home washer and dryer, we feel confident that RV owners will embrace this new format rug as standard equipment in every RV across the country. It will make clean up after a trip so much easier and is an especially good solution for those consumers with pets.”