NTP-STAG announced the addition of Sterling Global Products and Pure Essence to its sanitation category of RV products.

According to a press release, Sterling Global Products offers a line of flushable wipes comprised of 100% biodegradable and dissipating material, which are infused with an all-natural, hypoallergenic, gentle formula. Sterling wipes are safe for all skin types and ages and come in dispensers made from recycled materials. They are effective on sewers, septic systems, and RV holding tanks, “making them practical and convenient for on-the-go use.”

“Each of our lines feature an innovative and unique refillable dispenser that’s easy-to-install, and specifically designed to hang from virtually any toilet paper holder to maximize efficiency and is readily available whenever a wipe is needed,” said Tom Probst, category manager at NTP-STAG.

Pure Essence’s OUTHOUSE toilet spray prevents and eliminates unwanted odors with a blend of citrus fragrance oils. The product is sprayed 3-4 times before use and provides a lasting, deodorizing smell. Available in Citrus and Citrus Spice, Pure Essence’s toilet spray comes in a two-ounce bottle that is portable and stowable. OUTHOUSE is formulated with fractionated coconut oil, which lubricates and conditions RV toilet seals, disinfects the bowl, and allows the scent to last longer.

“Sterling and Pure Essence were two of the top visited suppliers at our recent NTP-STAG Expo, and for good reason,” said Probst. “The uniqueness of the products, strong branding, as well as attractive packaging and display options make Bob’s Butt Wipes and Outhouse great impulse items to be placed by the register for a quick add-on sale.”