NTP-Stag Logo Final-LargeNTP-STAG, a division of Keystone Automotive, and ROUTE 66 RV Network announced a partnership for the distribution and sale of RV parts and accessories in the United States and Canada.

“When the ROUTE 66 RV Network began in 2003, Stag Parkway was one of our first partners on board and has remained committed to the success of the network, its member dealers and ultimately RV consumers. Our shared values, commitment to excellence and providing great value and service have been cornerstones to our success,” stated Rob Merrill, ROUTE 66 RV Network.

Joe Santangelo, vice president and general manager of NTP-STAG, stated, “Our goal in creating NTP-STAG is to bring together the best of both companies. We view the program that Stag Parkway had with ROUTE 66 as part of that and are happy that our partnership will continue on and hopefully grow even stronger.”

route 66 logoImmediately upon the announcement that NTP and Stag Parkway would be combined to create the largest distributor of RV parts and accessories in North America, talks began between executives of NTP-STAG and ROUTE 66. Noted Santangelo, “The ROUTE 66 team provided us some insight into how they are trying to help their dealers grow their businesses. We fully support their mission and approach.” 

Added Merrill, “The synergies and strengths of the new NTP-STAG are undeniable. Aligning our efforts on behalf of our dealers and customers should create even more value.”

For more information, contact ROUTE 66 RV Network at (913) 317-6678 www.route66rv.com or NTP-STAG (800) 242-6987