NTP-STAG announced the continuation of long-standing relationship with distributor the Priority RV Network. Stag-Parkway was acquired by NTP parent Keystone Automotive Operations in October of 2014.

Joe Santangelo, vice president and general manger of NTP-STAG, noted, “Since the acquisition we have consistently said we will bring together the best of the NTP and Stag Parkway and raise the bar in the industry. Both companies had very successful relationships with Priority RV, so continuing the relationship through the merger of the businesses was very important to us. We are very appreciative of the opportunity to continue to work with the Priority RV membership.”

“We truly value the loyalty they have shown us over time, and are committed to continuing to deliver on their expectation of exceptional service, industry-leading inventory and logistics, and a very hands-on approach with the most innovative sales and marketing team in our industry.”

Michael Peay, president of Priority RV and Holiday World of Houston, added, “We are excited about renewing our long-running program with Keystone and NTP-STAG. Over the last 17 years, our organization has grown from about 20 dealers to a 100-plus dealership cooperative, with locations throughout America. NTP has grown with us as a valued partner.

“The quarterly direct mail program with NTP has become very popular with the Priority RV dealers and our customer base. Stag-Parkway was also a long-term partner with Priority. We look forward to a great 2015.”