nuCamp RV will be exhibiting its full line of recreational vehicle offerings at the Elkhart RV Open House, including the TAG teardrop trailer, the TAB 320 teardrop camper, the Cirrus truck camper, and the AVIA travel trailer. In addition to their current lineup, they will be presenting three new prototype models: the new smart Cirrus 820, the new TAB 400 solo, and the redesigned TAB 320.  

Scott Hubble, nuCamp’s CEO noted in a press release, “Even with the current climate in the industry being what it is, we have never been as enthusiastic as we are this year for an Open House.  We will be sharing several unique and innovative things, most notably, the newly redesigned TAB 320.” 

The unveiling of the new TAB 320 will take place on Sept. 23 at 10 a.m. Hubble stated, “Not only did the exterior get a facelift but the interior includes several smart features for the modern-day consumer.”

nuCamp will also exhibit a prototype of the new Cirrus 820 truck camper that features a custom app which syncs many features and functions. The TAB 400 is also releasing a prototype of a new floorplan that features an expandable north-to-south sleeping area which offers a roomier and open feel.

nuCamp will be offering exclusive show pricing during Open House week continuing through Sept. 30. The nuCamp booth is located at the corner of Executive Drive and County Road 17.