The New York Times “On the Road” column, this week illustrated one of the reasons why RV sales are up this year: People aren’t inclined to submit to the rigors of airport security since last September.
The Aug. 27 column focues on Robert Moore, 41, a software company executive from Illinois who “has eliminated flying altogether,” after having bought a 40-foot motorhome equipped with a satellite system that provides TV, an Internet link and telephone and fax capabilities.
“The airports today have become demoralizing to the extent that innocent people who are not trying to blow up a plane are being screened pretty intensively,” Moore said. “I’m not taking a stand against that at all. But to the extent that I can alleviate that for myself, and at the same time bring my wife and other business people that I am associated with along on these trips, I’m happy to do it.”
Moore recently took a business trip from Illinois to San Francisco, and is planning another to New York.
“I can be driving down the highway and she can be in the living room watching television, or she can get on the Internet and stay in contact with our kids and with the office. Then when she’s driving, I can be in the back chopping away on my laptop,” Moore said.
The column suggested that air travel is going to become even more of a hassle next year when equipment is installed at all 429 U.S. commercial airports to screen baggage for explosives.