The New York Times heaped praise on the RV lifestyle with an article appearing in its “Vacation” section last Tuesday (May 7).
The article, which included a front page teaser and can be viewed online at www.nytimes.com, profiled a Queens, N.Y., couple, which included a New York City firefighter, who traveled with two teenagers and a 5-year-old in a rented motorhome to Disney World.
They originally planned to fly but decided to rent a motorhome because of lingering worries about terrorism.
The article described how they were so surprised by the motorhome’s roominess that they invited three of their children’s friends to go along. And instead of feeling cramped, the extended family felt more togetherness plus the youngsters could pass the time during the drive watching TV or playing Nintendo.
It also repeated the often-cited statement that RV vacations are the perfect fit in the post-9/11 world.
The firefighter added that he would buy a motorhome “if I ever have the money.”
The author of the article, Robert Stock, also described his experiences renting an RV. He said a 26-foot Class C is easy to drive and the utility and appliance systems are easy to operate, if you take the time to read the instructions.
Also, Stock added that campground operators are very accommodating and there always are friendly RVers at campgrounds ready to offer advice and other assistance.
Staggered school vacations along with clubs and groups of friends pursuing sports or hobbies are extending the peak season for many campgrounds, according to Stock.