ObeCo Inc. announced the introduction of an 8-inch-by-11-inch molded black framed net, adding to the company’s selection of RV organizational products.

“We have listened to both RV manufacturers and consumers on what they are looking for in new storage and organization products and our framed net is the first result of that information,” stated Jason Obendorf, president and owner of ObeCo Inc., in a press release. “Our cellphone pocket nets were such a success that we decided to expand the line to larger pocket nets with greater storage capacity. With the influx of Ipads and tablets our customers kept asking us, ‘when are you coming out with a pocket net?’”

The pocket net is the third model to be released since their two previous cellphone models. It is large enough to hold the latest smart tablets, but also strong enough to hold heavier and bulky items such as bottled drinks, electrical cords and hoses. The netting is made of a super elastic material that allows for maximum storage and keeps items snug so they won’t bounce around while traveling down the road.

Obendorf noted, “We are always looking for better ways to create new storage spaces. The 8-inch-by-11inch net has clean sleek lines that not only creates more storage space, but also looks nice. The engineers at ObeCo are also in the final stages of releasing 8-inch-by-16 inch and 8-inch-by-32-inch molded frames.

The 8-inch-by-11-inch framed tablet holder is available for manufacturers and as an aftermarket product online at OrganizedObie.com.