“Travel and outdoor enthusiasts with special physical needs are recapturing their mobility and enjoying time on the road in recreational vehicles,” reports the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). “RVs are the ideal way for everyone to experience the open road in convenience, comfort and style.”

It’s smart business for RV manufacturers to build in factory modifications before delivery. According to a report by Motor Matters, two of the companies that offer such adaptations are motorhome builders Winnebago Industries Inc.and Foretravel Motorcoach.

“Making motorhomes more accessible and comfortable for an individual or a family to use and enjoy is a big part of why we offer this service,” said Sonya Kobriger, sales representative with Winnebago. “We try to involve the customer in many of the desired modification decisions whenever possible so that the finished product really is `their’ motorhome.”

“Foretravel has a special ability to adapt our motor coaches because we build our own chassis in-house, which allows for various modifications,” said Eddie Hill of Foretravel’s marketing department.

In addition to the wheelchair lift, another available adaptation is “a ceiling rail system that will allow the occupant to be hoisted and travel safely throughout the coach.” Other modifications include widening entrances and interior pathways, lowering kitchen counters and cabinets, and designing roll-in showers.

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