Flat Creek Inn logoThe Teton County (Wyo.) Board of Commissioners filed a lawsuit last week alleging the owner of Flat Creek Inn in Jackson, Wyo., and businesses that have been renting recreational vehicles there are violating county regulations.

The suit follows an order commissioners issued in June telling Flat Creek Inn owner Carl King to stop the pickup and drop-off of Cruise America RVs from his property, according to the Jackson Hole News and Guide. King owns Flat Creek Inn and Mart, a 72-unit motel and convenience store one mile north of Jackson.

The lawsuit also names Cruise America and Eagle Rentals. King also owns a house and acreage on the hillside just above the motel.

Teton County commissioners and Teton County Planning Director Jeff Daugherty brought the court case against King last week alleging he was violating land-development regulations by allowing the motel and the residential property to be used as part of a commercial enterprise for RV pickup and drop-off.

The county maintains the RV rentals violate regulations for the business conservation district, which was originally approved to allow the continuation of commercial uses that had sprouted in locations planners later considered unfit for such use and therefore subject to expansion limits. 

The county says it has exhausted its administrative efforts to stop the rentals before going to court. Officials held a two-day hearing in June, found King was violating land-use rules and ordered him to stop.

King’s attorney, Ken Cohen, filed a lawsuit against the county in July, asking 9th District Judge Nancy Guthrie to reverse the cease-and-desist order and to determine if King was really in violation of land-use regulations.

The county’s lawsuit, filed last week, asks Guthrie to order that King stop delivering RVs to guests at his property. It asks that commissioners be granted the authority to stop the illegal activity “by any and all means necessary” and that commissioners be allowed to have the property periodically inspected to ensure King has stopped.

It also requests that Guthrie grant commissioners the authority to fine King for the ongoing activity back to 2007 when he first started renting recreation vehicles at the site. The suit doesn’t specify the amount the commissioners would fine King.