City officials in Port Clinton, Ohio, are considering allowing recreational vehicle parking in a municipal lot to generate additional revenue, according to a report in the Port Clinton News Herald.
Port Clinton City Councilman John Folger said the finance committee is looking at designating 12 spaces in the parking lot for RVs and limiting stays to 48 hours per vehicle.
“We would charge $20 to $40 a night to park their units,” Folger said. “These people are upscale. They have money.”
The council first has to amend an existing ordinance that bans people from sleeping in their vehicles overnight. According to Folger, the proposal would be short term and likely terminated within the next few years.
“I’d be surprised if we make $10,000 a year out of it,” he said. “But it could bring business to downtown. It’s just one more piece of possible revenue.”
Folger indicated the council will start discussing details after the city’s budget is passed today (March 22) and is optimistic RVs can start using the lot in May or June.
“Once word gets out, we’ll start seeing people come in,” he said. “I think it’s good for the city.”
Folger said modern RVs are “fully self contained,” so the city does not intend to install electrical outlets or build “dump stations” for people to empty septic tanks.