At the Roadrunner RV Park in Oklahoma City, damage from the spate of tornados in the area is widespread. KWTV reported that people are saying it looks like Mother Nature came in with a rake and tossed the trailers and RVs around like leaves.

RVers staying at the park came from as far away as California, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

The owners told News 9 about 125 people were there before the storm hit, although many didn’t stay at the park, packing up and finding shelter elsewhere.

About 30 people at the RV park stayed in the on-site storm shelter, and they were all safe. Several people actually stayed in their trailers when the tornado hit and some suffered injuries.

“I was in shock, just complete shock. I mean, seeing it on the news and hearing the storms. But to actually see it happen to you is kind of a devastating experience,” said Joshua Gray, who lost his trailer in the tornado.

“It’s just heartbreaking and a lot of these people are senior citizens, but they’re troopers. They are just taking it real good, everybody is thankful that they’re okay,” said park owner Yvonne Gonzales.

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