Onan Corp., a subsidiary of Cummins Inc., is looking to expand its power generation business in the towable RV sector, Cummins reported today (Jan. 27).
In RVs, power generators have traditionally been used mainly in the motorhome segment, but Minneapolis-based Onan has found the buyers of ramp trailers, also called sport utility trailers (SUTs), to be receptive to the concept of having generators in towables, said Karen Zellner, RV marketing manager at Onan.
“They (SUT) buyers, are the early adopters and we hope it spreads to other (towable RV) segments,” Zellner said.
Onan’s commitment to growing its towable RV-related business is reflected in its hiring of Mike Kline as the marketing manager for the towable RV category, she added.
Onan’s plan to grow in towables involves leveraging the success of its Camp Power series, which is in its second year, Zellner said. Camp Power generators are not as wide as other models because size is an important issue in the towables sector, she said.
Camp Power models have remote starters so they can be started from inside RVs. They also produce no gasoline fumes; are designed to easily fit into most towables; can be LP or gas powered; and have an insulated shell that muffles most of the generator noise.