Terry Cooper, host of

Terry Cooper of the Mobile RV Academy

Steve Anderson, editor of Workamper News, termed last week’s launch of  the RV maintenance 10-month program called the Gold Star Club “a huge success.”

The program opened with an online live event on Feb. 4 called “Buying & Selling It Right,” hosted by Terry Cooper of Mobile RV Academy. Cooper’s expert guests were two guests from PPL Motor Homes in Houston, Texas, Rob Henderson, director of marketing and sales, and James “Shorty” Eleckel, sales manager. PPL Motor Homes is considered the largest RV consignment dealer in the U.S., selling between 1,200 and 1,300 consigned RVs each year, according to a news release.

“One of the many bonus features of being a member of the Gold Star Club is having the opportunity to sit in on an online ‘Live Event’ each month to obtain valuable information about certain RV related topics,” Cooper said. “What better way to start out a large program like this than by teaching people how to buy and sell an RV and do it right? We want to show people that they can sidestep the pitfalls that are out there if they just take the time to become educated about how it all works.”

During the 10-month program, members will be learning RV maintenance via online webinars that have been recorded and placed in a library for each member to access at their own pace. Cooper will be providing his “Ask the Professor” Internet show as a way to provide one-on-one interaction to provide more in-depth learning.

Anderson wants to encourage those who are interested in the program to go ahead and sign up.

“Even though we have had the ‘official opening’ of the Gold Star Club, anyone can still sign up for this outstanding program,” he said. “We have purposely designed it for anyone who wants to become educated about RV Maintenance to enter at any time and have full advantage of all that the program has to offer.”

To learn more about the Gold Star Club Program visit: www.workamper.com/rvprofessor/goldstarclub.pdf. To learn more about the Individual RV Maintenance Course, visit www.workamper.com/rvprofessor/takehometech/