Nearly half of all ReserveAmerica campground reservations now are processed online, according to ReserveAmerica, a unit of Ticketmaster, which is a subsidiary of InterActiveCorp., a Nasdaq Stock Market-traded company.
Through the two ReserveAmerica websites, www.ReserveAmerica.com and www.ReserveUSA.com, campers are able to browse through more than 140,000 campsites and make reservations at their leisure.
The trend toward campers booking online is further underscored by record traffic at the two websites. Last month, ReserveAmerica’s sites experienced their highest volume month ever, surpassing 52 million page views and more than 1 million unique visitors.
“Up more than 80% year over year, we’ve seen a steady trend as the camping population takes greater advantage of the exceptional experience of our online offerings,” said Brock Weatherup, President of ReserveAmerica. “The incredible demand we service during these peak months validates the strength of ReserveAmerica’s superior technology foundation and underscores the power of our transaction capabilities.”
Campers reserving federal campsites through the National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS) or www.ReserveUSA.com represent the highest Internet usage in the industry. With more than 120,000 reservable campsites at more than 1,900 locations, the NRRS is the largest outdoor recreation reservation service in the country.
“We strive to provide the public with multiple options to select and enjoy their recreation experience,” said Carol Holtz, NRRS representative. “This includes having the convenience of making online reservations as part of their information, access and online trip planning experience. We’re here to provide the recreating public with a convenient way to enjoy our federal lands.”
To help manage the more than 3 million reservations and reservations management needs for more than 150,000 campsites each year, ReserveAmerica employs more than 600 full and part-time staff in it’s five U.S. based offices located in California, Wisconsin, Texas, New York and Florida, as well as 130 full-time employees in its Toronto office.
“Online bookings are expected to continue to accelerate due in large part to successful partner marketing designed to drive consumers to the Internet through newsletter programs and increased awareness of the www.ReserveAmerica.com website,” Weatherup said. “It requires a continual investment in technology and infrastructure to provide a product that will constantly outpace the heavy trends we are seeing online. ReserveAmerica continues to make those investments and is providing a superior product for our visitors.”