The 7th Annual Elkhart RV Open House that begins today (Sept. 16) and runs through Friday is more than just an event that brings an estimated 4,000 dealers from the U.S. and Canada to view next year’s RV offerings.

As reported by the South Bend Tribune, it also marks the close of the current selling season and the opening of next season, said Michael Terlep, president of Coachmen RV, a division of Elkhart, Ind.-based Forest River Inc.

In fact, the event has become so big and started to mean so much that it has really earned a greater title. “It’s kind of the Super Bowl for us,” Terlep said Monday afternoon, shortly after a news conference at Forest River’s Dynamax Corp. in Elkhart before more than 200 dealers and industry reps already on hand. “Certainly the attendance is incredible.”

But he’s no longer surprised by the event’s success.

“The timing is perfect,” Terlep said. “That’s where Pete (Liegl, CEO and founder of Forest River) hit this dead-on relative to his vision and what his expectations were in it. It’s right at the time of the year where dealers are ready to see the new products. It’s early enough in the year where dealers can make plans for their early spring shows.”

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