The Elkhart County RV Open house is really a turf war for the recreational vehicle industry.

The Elkhart Truth reported that Thor Industries Inc. and Forest River Inc., the world’s top two largest RV manufacturers, are battling to keep dealers entertained, well fed and eager to buy their latest models. The implications of this week are big for both companies, with each looking to do about $1 billion in sales with the thousands of dealers that will be in attendance at both open houses.

The Open House will account for a majority of the two companies’ sales for the year. That means they will pull out all of the stops.

High class cuisine will be offered at both Open House events, along with great entertainment and free lodging. On top of that, dealers will be able to see all of the new bells and whistles RV manufacturers have pumped into their new models, most of which are kept secret until they are revealed at the shows.

For Elkhart, the week is one of the biggest boosts to the local economy out of the entire year, according to Terry Mark, communications director at the Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“Our hotels will be full, a lot of the dealers rely on local catering, they go out to eat and they buy RVs made locally,” he said. “This week blows a Notre Dame home game weekend out of the water. This will be a very busy weekend for our small businesses, which is great.”

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