Opposition is lining up against a new amendment to the Texas state constitution that creates the possibility of a 2% tax being assessed against travel trailers in the state.
The amendment was approved by the state’s voters last November and it gives the Texas Legislature authority to authorize taxing units other than school districts to grant tax exemptions to the owners of registered, non-income producing travel trailers, regardless of whether the trailers are real or personal property.
The amendment was supposed to provide a boost to the South Texas economy by creating a property tax exemption for travel trailers but, instead, “It ended up being a new tax,” said Cathie Carr, CEO of the Escapees RV Club.
If enforced, travel trailer owners would have to pay, annually, 2% of the purchase price or assessed value of their trailer, said Carr, whose organization represents full-time RVers.
“We’re in the middle of a mess,” added Brian Schaeffer, executive director of the Texas Association of Campground Owners (TACO).
Currently, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is being “lobbied heavily” to “reverse the law,” Schaeffer said.
There also are efforts are underway from within the RV community to get a favorable opinion from Texas Attorney General John Cornyn or to get the state legislature to repeal or amend the law. However, the Texas legislature will not meet again until next year.