Holidaymakers who like the idea of exploring the great outdoors but shudder at the thought of a freezing, insect-infested tent may be interested in hiring a palatial motorhome – as long as they have around $13,000 a night to spare.

The U.K.-based Daily Mail reported that the glittering tour bus, once used by F1 stars Jenson Button and Canadian race car driver Jacques Villeneuve, is being offered as a unique “seven star” hotel. 

It was hand-built for Villeneuve by Newell Coach Corp. and probably boasts similar fuel efficiency to an F1 car thanks to a 12-liter engine that allows it to hit 100 mph.

Guests who splash the cash will be greeted with champagne and a complementary hamper on arrival, while a personal team of waiters will be on hand 24 hours a day.

The epitome of the trend for ‘glamping’ (glam camping), the first million-dollar motorhome also boasts its very own limousine, helicopter and Michelin star chef to enjoy in the extravagant bus – which boasts a 42-inch plasma TV, fully fitted American-style kitchen, a walk-in wardrobe and a gold ensuite bathroom.

The 500-square-foot palace, dubbed the ‘Icon,’ sleeps up to four people and is believed to be the largest motorhome in the U.K.

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