Some Winter Texans are feeling less than welcome after learning of an overlooked law in Bandera, Texas.
According to the San Antonio Express News, an ordinance remains on the books that could limit occupancy in recreational vehicles to 14 nights a year.
“If they make us move after 14 days, I’m gone,” said full-timer Barb Sloan, 68, of Colorado, who has stayed at the Riverside RV Park every winter since 1997.
Adopted in the 1980s, the long overlooked ordinance was designed to discourage people from living in travel homes parked outside houses.
The council is now considering changes to exempt the two local RV parks, which draw dozens of temporary residents each winter.
“We’re trying to correct it so the RV parks aren’t hurt,” said Mayor Denise Griffin. “Everybody knows the winter Texans are a huge boost to the economy.”
The Express News reported that a public hearing is set for tonight (Nov. 18).