Sani-Star RV dump station

With many RV dumping facilities closing due to operational costs, Sani-Star is looking to expand its business by providing fully automated, turnkey RV dump fee collection systems throughout North America. According to a press release, more than 300 Sani-Star facilities are currently in use in the United States and Canada.

The Sani-Star system uses a patent-pending locking sewer cap that opens after payment and re-locks after dumping, eliminating no-pay drive offs. Customers pay by cash, custom token, coin or credit card at the dump station’s kiosk or, if a merchant chooses, inside its store. There is also a reprogrammable keypad payment option. The system is currently in use at all Pilot-Flying J Travel Center RV dump stations across the U.S., where spot surveys have shown higher fee compliance for Sani-Star sites compared to the traditional honor payment system.

Most locations charge between $5 and $10. A private RV campground and service center in Quartzsite, Ariz., charges $15. “They can charge whatever they want,” explained Huffman. “Most of our customers, especially government campgrounds, just want to offset or cover their costs. Others want to make a profit. Our system, very simply, is a much more effective mechanism for collecting a fee than anything else out there.”

Dump station operators pay Sani-Star a onetime fee to set up the system and then a monthly fee (revenue sharing is also available). The operator pays for installation of electricity to power the Sani-Star kiosk (a solar or battery-only option is available for remote locations). Sani-Star also provides parts and 24-hour phone support for its system above ground including the kiosk, payment mechanisms and the locking sewer cap for the life of the service agreement. No attendant is required, which allows for efficient 24-hour operation.

More information about the Sani-Star system, including a video demonstration, is available on its website http://sanistardump.com or by calling (888) 611-9283.