An Ashland, Ore., company owned and operated by motorhome enthusiasts Larry and Joy Marshall is marketing an upscale line of products for the recreational vehicle and marine industries.
According to a report in the Mail Tribune, Medford, Fun Lifestyle offers a unique product line that focuses on creature comforts – from memory-foam mattresses to portable spas – versus strictly functional items.
“There are large companies that sell basic utility items,” said Larry Marshall, 64. “But the industry is changing. People are buying these vehicles, spending from $100,000 to over $2 million, and they are using them differently than in the past. They want to have fun with them. Our challenge was to find something we could bring to the marketplace that hadn’t been there before.”
The Marshalls first launched Funlifestyles.com – the company’s original name – in the spring of 2004 and began marketing products to the RV and marine industries.
According to the newspaper, the couple spent much of 2005 on the road, hitting major RV, boat and home shows around the country. While traveling, the Marshalls handled Internet sales via wireless communications technology.
According to Larry Marshall, one of their hottest sellers has been a portable spa produced in Florida by Spas2Go. He said the 250-gallon portable spa, which seats two to four people, has been a hit with motorhome and yacht owners.
The Marshalls continue to operate out of their home and have no plans to open a storefront.
“We enjoy working from our home and working the hours we like,” Marshall said. “Even though we could end up working much harder than either of us did in our former lives, this has given us an opportunity to see the country and meet people.”
The Marshalls have extended their offerings to 40 products, including a series of pet strollers that give small dogs and cats all the benefits of babies and toddlers.