One of Oregon’s hardest hit industries last year is hoping to bounce back in 2010.

In the last month, the RV industry has started rehiring, a major reason dealers are betting on a big year, according to KEZI-TV, Eugene, Ore.

RV Corral in Eugene is hoping to sit more people down for business, then seat them in the drivers seat this year, after 2009 national sales plummeted 30-40%.

“We feel we’re going to get all of that back this year. We see a big comeback,” sales manager Lenny Mellin said.

The sales manager says many manufactures are back in business, and hiring back people like Ed Morgan. Many from his factory were laid off when Country Coach went under.

“They were a major customer there,” Morgan said.

Mellin says Winnebago Industries Inc. is putting 300-400 people back to work this month alone, Airstream Inc. is also boosting its work force. And Mellin said he’s been flooded with calls from consumers interested in his show and in buying.

“As long as we stay in our budget and what we’re comfortable spending,” Virginia and Bruce Stennett said.

Mellin predicts a 100% recovery this year, but University of Oregon economist Tim Duy said the recovery won’t be complete. He predicts people will go after lower-end towable RVs, but leave higher-end motorhomes idle. So while sales may rise from 2009, overall profits may not.

“The 25-foot trailer is about as big as we want to go,” Bruce Stennett said.

RV Corral hopes to sell 400-500 units this year, which would be a jump from last year’s low of 250.