The economy has been in a world of hurt this past year, especially the RV industry.

But one Eugene, Ore., company is still seeing a market for customers, according to KVAL-TV, Eugene. 

Open since early August, the owners of RV Sales of Oregon believe there is still a growing market for these homes on wheels. 

“We feel like the worst is behind us and the opportunities are incredible right now to reach out to the Baby Boomer section of travelers,” said Rich Marston, co-owner of RV Sales of Oregon. 

The last two months have been good for the RV business. 

Managers with Guaranty RV Center in Junction City and RV Corral Inc. in Eugene said they actually saw growth in sales for June and July. 

Some of the best sales in the last year and a half, they say, and they believe it comes down to staying closer to home when people head out on a trip. 

Gary Hoffman is the other co-owner of the new RV company. He believes their success will come down to family.

“Many are going to take their families and friends and go sit around a campfire it’s something that has been a tradition in this country,” said Hoffman. 

Customers John and Joyce Hanson say seeing things you’ve never had a chance to see is what has them out on the road in an RV.

On Thursday (Aug. 13) the new dealership sold two units.