“It’s a good problem to have.”

That’s the first thing that went through Bill Bradley’s mind when he had to scramble around and find more ticket takers to move the people into the Americraft Center at the Oregon State Fairgrounds for the Salem Spring RV Show last weekend.

The Statesman Journal reported that the event, which is in its 35th year, normally draws between 8,000 and 10,000 visitors to its weekend showcase of new and used motorhomes, trailers and campers. This year may be different.

“I think we will exceed that this year,” he said, estimating what the balance may yield following the show’s final day on Sunday.

Those on hand Saturday ranged from retirees to young couples with youngsters in tow. The RVs fill Americraft Center and Columbia Hall. They also line the outside of those buildings in a crescent flanking three sides.

Bradley said the last few years small and midsized RVs were popular. But this year all sizes appear to be drawing interest – and sales. He stressed that perhaps the most popular feature of this show is its broad range of dealers, of which there are more than 20.

“This is one of the few shows that has multiple dealers; a lot of shows have one dealer,” he said. “People want to see more than one dealer.

“A lot of people make sure there are multiple dealers before they get their tickets,” he added. “It’s just like a mall concept: they want to see more than one store. It’s just human nature.”

He noted the advantage of that setup is consumers can compare varieties without running all over town, and they can bargain better.