The RV industry has picked up and those who were hesitant to buy an RV in the past have decided now’s the time, according to a report by KEZI TV on the 43rd Annual Oregon RV Show & Sale that ran March 2-5 in Eugene.

Organizers said this year’s edition was a success, not only drawing thousands of people but also generating sales.

“I think the confidence level in the economy is back, I think people are feeling a little better about things, interest rates are terrific so you can really get excellent values,” said Oregon Show Promotions Owner Dave Weinkauf.

That confidence was seen at last weekend’s show. Managers say all eight of their dealers reported sales are up this year compared to last. “Some are up 10% to 15%, and some of them are up 50%,” Weinkauf said.

So why is now the time to buy? Managers say there’s several reasons for that.

“It’s 23% to 59% cheaper for a family of four to go out in an RV than it is to go on other kinds of ways of travel,” Weinkauf said.

“You’re always looking to save money when you go on vacation so if you don’t have to pay for a place to stay it’s always a little nicer,” added Chris Davis, an RVer attending the show.

Weinkauf also says time is a commodity. Many just don’t have time to take long vacations, so instead they’d rather stick close to home. “You can be in a whole different land in a half hour of your home in an RV on a lake next to a river,” he said.

Many out shopping the show said having that “still at home feeling” on vacation is one reason why they’re thinking of buying an RV.

“It’s your home and you’re taking it with you and you have a dog and you can just bring the dog and not have to pay extra for the dog,” said Lori Thompson.

“We thought if we had an RV we could kind of go here and there and take our home with us if you will, temporary home anyway, and kind of enjoy the scenery,” said Ron Cote.

While others say it’s just more reasonable for their situation.

“We kind of got a growing family and we like to camp but I’m a little more of a rough camper and my wife’s not so we’re looking at a trailer,” Davis said.

Many out at the show said they weren’t quite ready to buy just yet, but say it’s always good to go to shows to see from many different dealers what types of RV’s there are to choose from.

To view an accompanying video from KEZI TV click here.