The City Council in Troutdale, Ore., voted Tuesday (Sept. 9) against imposing a tax on the rent paid by residents of Columbia Gorge RV Park, according to The Oregonian in Portland, Ore.
Officials in Troutdale, located east of Portland, had considered a 6.95% tax on the rent paid by residents of the RV park, but after receiving numerous complaints, the council lowered the proposed rate to 3.95%.
That proposal was defeated by a unanimous vote Tuesday night, the newspaper reported.
Troutdale Mayor Paul Thalhofer said the council is in a difficult position because he believes some of the 111 units in the RV park should be classified as manufactured homes, while others clearly are RVs.
There are some Troutdale residents who believe long-term residents should be taxed because they benefit from many municipal services. Long-term residents generally are construction workers, according to motel owners quoted by The Oregonian.
The owner of the RV park does pay property taxes, the newspaper said.