The Coquille Economic Development Council (CEDCO), the business arm of the Coquille Indian Tribe, announced it had finalized a $2.8 million loan package through Shorebank Enterprise Pacific that will finance the construction of a 100-site RV park on the North Bend waterfront in Oregon.
According to the Coos Bay World, each RV site will be equipped with phone, Internet, cable TV and utilities. Restrooms, showers, laundry, recycling facilities, and a welcome center also are included in the plans.
The RV park will be situated on about 12 of the 50 acres, just north of The Mill Casino-Hotel on U.S. Highway 101, once home to the Weyerhaeuser sawmill.
Preliminary site preparation for the RV park is under way and construction is set to begin in earnest this fall with completion scheduled this spring.
“This will definitely change the makeup of the North Bend waterfront and go a long way to changing what was there before,” said Deana Scott, CEDCO’s director of corporate marketing and communication.
“Our community hasn’t seen a lot of investment in tourism, and this project is a way to encourage people to spend time and money in the Bay area, and enjoy all that we have to offer,” said Adam Zimmerman, South Coast manager for Shorebank, a nonprofit community development organization that serves rural coastal communities of the Pacific Northwest.
At a series of public forums over the last year, residents suggested the area be turned into numerous uses including park lands, an amphitheater, a hotel, restaurants, small shops and boat moorings.
“This is a tremendous opportunity for the Coquille Indian Tribe to take the next big step toward reviving this once important industrial site and returning it to a place where it again will contribute to the economic well-being of the Tribe and the entire Bay Area,” said Brady Scott, president and CEO of CEDCO.
Scott said that plans for the remaining acreage had not yet been decided, but would likely be unveiled later this fall.