Thieves are preying on expensive recreational vehicles parked overnight on dealership lots in Oregon, according to a report in the Register-Guard.
Several cases have been reported where thieves have broken into high-end RVs and made off with expensive electronic equipment without being detected.
“They pretty well knew what they were doing,” said Jerry McCall, one of three owners of RV Corral in Coburg, which was hit this past weekend.
McCall said someone cut through the cyclone fencing surrounding the lot between security sweeps. The culprits shattered windows on the most expensive motorhomes in the lot and removed 10 plasma flat-screen televisions worth about $4,500 each.
Many of the sets were built into cabinets or dash units, and McCall said it appeared the crooks pried them out with crowbars or similar tools.
“They probably caused as much damage as they stole in property,” said RV Corral salesman Ray Moore, estimating the total loss at as much as $75,000.
McCall believes the job required several people, at least one of whom had some knowledge of RV models and their amenities.
“It seems like they scoped out the rigs during business hours, maybe posing as buyers,” McCall said. “But I asked around and no one remembers anything suspicious.”
The theft occurred 10 days after a similar crime at Ingram RV in Eugene. General manager Gary Wundrow said someone jimmied open the driver-side doors of five or six motorhomes and removed compact disc players from the dashboards.
On the same night, six motorhomes at the Oregon Auto Company near Albany had the windows shattered and doors pried open.
The paper reported that local RV dealers are working together to prevent further losses, including offering a reward.