Origen RV Accessories announced launch of the EQ Compact permanent jack pads for fifth-wheels and motorhomes.

According to a press release, the EQ Compact enhances the rest of the SnapPad EQ product line, which includes SnapPads engineered to work with Equalizer Systems automatic leveling gear.

COO Devon Wilson noted, “Equalizer Systems specifically requested this version and we were happy to oblige. They’ve been excellent partners and we’re excited to continue to explore mutually beneficial projects.”

Made to fit on seven-inch square/octagonal landing feet, the EQ Compact is the first SnapPad to have a square inner cavity. The design was created in partnership with Equalizer Systems.

The seven-inch Equalizer Systems leveling foot is most commonly found on four-point leveling configurations for Class B and C motorhomes, including brands like Jayco, Tiffin, and Leisure Travel Van models.

Jason Loose, division director at Equalizer Systems, stated, “We identified an opportunity to work with RV SnapPad to create a new product line for our seven-inch leveling feet and jumped at the chance.”

EQ Compact retails at $149.95 and is available exclusively via the Equalizer Systems online store. To order visit rvsnappad.com.