Outdoor Industry Association Applauds Omnibus Spending Bill

BOULDER, Colo. – Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) interim Executive Director Kent Ebersole released the following statement regarding the 2023 omnibus spending bill:

“We are thrilled to see increased investments have been included in the omnibus spending bill to advance implementation funding for the landmark Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA), as well as increased funding for national parks and key climate change initiatives. It is also encouraging to see the Growing Climate Solutions Act has also been included in the package, along with increased investments in renewable energy and research development.

“The $3.5 billion in funding for the National Park Service and $1.9 billion secured for GAOA provisions will both address deferred maintenance projects and staffing needs. These funds will boost local economies, support thousands of jobs, and protect and improve our national parks and public lands and waterways.

“A $260 million increase over fiscal year 2022 levels for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) will go a long way to encourage a further transition toward a renewables-based economy. In coordination with the Growing Climate Solutions Act, this investment will advance clean energy initiatives and help facilitate our nation’s ongoing transition to a clean energy economy.

“Although these investments are crucially timed to align with record numbers of Americans getting outdoors and experiencing the mental and physical health benefits of outdoor recreation, we are disappointed America’s Outdoor Recreation Act will not be passed this congressional session. OIA would especially like to thank Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Manchin and Ranking Member Barrasso for their leadership and work with our industry on AORA. As an industry, we remain optimistic that lawmakers will revisit this legislation in the next Congress, as a strong outdoor industry is not only beneficial to Americans’ health but is also integral to the economic success of our far-reaching $862 billion industry that supports 4.5 million jobs throughout all 50 states.

“We look forward to working with new and returning members of Congress and the Biden administration to provide sustainable and accessible outdoor experiences for all – regardless of zip code – and ensure continued investment in the American tradition of the outdoors.”

About Outdoor Industry Association

Based in Boulder, Colo., with offices in Washington, D.C., Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is the leading trade association for the outdoor industry. For more than 30 years, OIA has served as the trusted convenor, resource, and voice of the outdoor industry. OIA unites and serves manufacturers, suppliers, sales representatives, and retailer members through its focus on trade and recreation policy, sustainable business innovation, and outdoor participation. The association provides its members with insights, advocacy, and opportunities for action that support the long-term success of outdoor businesses and ensure the outdoor experience for all.  For more information, visit outdoorindustry.org.


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