La Grande, Ore.-based towable builder Outdoors RV Manufacturing delivered its 5,000 unit today (June 12). According to a press release, Broadmoor RV, Pasco, Wash., took possession of a Back Country travel trailer, marking the milestone for Outdoors RV.

The Back Country product line is one of five brands that Outdoors RV produces along with Creek Side, Timber Ridge, Wind River and Black Stone.

“The focus of Outdoors RV is to design RVs for the four-seasons climate and rugged terrain of the Northwest, mountain states and Western Canada,” said Jim Croxton, general manager of Outdoors RV Manufacturing. “Our goal is not to be the largest manufacturer in the country, nor to follow market share graphs. We simply want to design and build great RVs for our dealers and their customers.”

John Ramsey, owner of Broadmoor RV, noted, “Our goal is to provide RVers with a vehicle to create wondrous memories that they and their children will pass along to their children. We have been in business for almost two decades providing our customers with a wonderful RV journey from time of purchase to trading in for another one down the road.”

Earlier this year, Broadmoor RV was honored as the No. 1 retailing dealer for Outdoors RV for the past 12 months.