Dusty Norris did not start his career in the motor-home repair industry, according to a report by Impact Community Newspaper. However, the opportunity to run a repair and storage business, when he found it, was simply too good to pass up.

Before founding Coach Specialists of Texas in Mansfield in 2009 and expanding the business into Plano last year, the Kansas native worked in his father’s auto and light-truck repair business. Norris grew accustomed to the rigorous standards and emphasis on customer service at his father’s business, he said. But when he started to look into the local motor-home and recreational-vehicle repair industry, he found it lacking.

“If you can go in and buy a brand-new, luxury car for $80,000, and they’re following up with you … and making sure that your experience is over the top, but you pay $250,000 for a motor home and all they want to see is your tail-lights — there’s something wrong with that picture,” Norris said.

The Plano location of Coach Specialists of Texas offers repair services for a variety of large vehicles, from motor homes to horse trailers. It also provides rental storage space—although some of that is being removed in coming months to expand the service area in response to growing demand, Norris said.

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