The GlowStep Revolution by Torklift is now an option on luxury toy haulers manufactured by Pacific Coachworks, including the Blazen, Powerlite, Ragen and Sandsport and Pacifica lines.

“Pacific Coachworks is a great partner to work with on our RV step offering,” said Torklift President Jack Kay in a press release. “They are focused on offering a high-quality RV geared at giving the retail customer exactly what they are looking for. The partnership was solidified at RVX due to the dealer demand for the GlowStep Revolution.”

The GlowStep Revolution can be deployed with adjustability ranging from six inches to 48 inches of horizontal side clearance, allowing RVers to park closely to structures or other RVs.

“One of many beautiful features about this step we know dealers will greatly appreciate is all the additional usable space on their sales lots by having a step that allows them to store RVs closely together,” explained Kay. “That means dealers will no longer be losing sales because they cannot quickly get their staff and clients into the beautiful RV interiors to close a sale.

“They can now have more units per acre on their lots without worrying about moving RVs around with forklifts to gain access, because this RV step requires so little space to deploy due to its versatile design.”