The China Auto Dealers Chamber of Commerce recently launched an inaugural ceremony of its Special Committee of Auto (RV) Camping Sites and held a forum about the development of China’s RV camping industry in Beijing International Hotel.

China Daily reported that the newly established special committee aims to boost the development of the RV industry and offer a platform for companies to communicate with each other.

According to the China Association of Automotive Manufacturers, the number of campsites in China has grown from about 40 in 2010 to nearly 500 last year.

“RV rentals are becoming popular in China, allowing visitors to travel as they wish and enjoy pretty scenery. The government is calling for more construction of campsites, and it will draw more travelers to try a caravan,” said Wu Baozhong, the committee’s secretary-general.

The committee’s president, Liao Hongbin, said they plan to organize a reality show about RV travel and hold campaigns to select road trip routes that combine beautiful scenic spots with campsites.

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