Bubble-Door-no-background2_side_stickerParallax Power Supply of Connecticut Electric Inc. has introduced its easy-to-install Dual Service RV Power Panel.

According to a press release, the RV power panel is equipped with a 30-amp and 50-amp dual service shore power receptacles. Designed with ergonomically friendly features such as an expanded door that accommodates ergonomic handles on RV power cords, the RV power panel also offers several additional benefits such as a NEMA 3R rain-tight enclosure, and a 20-amp GFI duplex receptacle.

“This new door was designed specifically to allow for the larger handles now available on RV shore cords,” said Jeff McCoy, engineer for Parallax Power Supply. “The additional room allows the door to close completely, protecting the electrical connection from the elements. Our customers also benefit from dual service sizes in one complete package to support more RV owners.” 

For more information contact Mike Tomarchio at [email protected], or call Parallax Power Supply at (800) 443-4859.