Park model builder Park Cabins Inc. has developed the industry’s first Spanish style unit, designed to emulate the residential architecture that is popular throughout the Sunbelt.
“I don’t know why we didn’t think about this sooner,” said Jack London, co-owner of Cairo, Ga.-based Park Cabins, of the company’s new “Casa del Sol” units. “We think we’ve come up with a unit that will appeal to consumers who want a seasonal cottage that is more in keeping with the historical architecture that is popular in many areas across the Sunbelt, especially in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California.”
London reported that the new Spanish style line, with a base retail price of around $30,000, has been well received by the dealer body.
“I think its going to be a great little park model for RV parks near the Colorado River and throughout the Western region,” said Marsha Crawford, owner of Triple DJ Homes in Parker, Ariz., who collaborated with Park Cabins on the design of the Casa del Sol product. “This is the kind of unit that will appeal to people who are looking for a park model that fits in architecturally with the region.”
Park Cabins believes the new Casa del Sol product line will also even out its production levels throughout the year.
The company historically produces most of its cabins between January and July, largely in response to the orders it receives from campgrounds across the country as they prepare for the coming summer season.
Park Cabins believes that snowbirds will help stimulate demand for its Casa del Sol units during the August to December period, when the company’s cabin production typically declines.
“We think this Casa del Sol product is going to be a good fit for us because it will help us keep our crews busy all year,” London said.
Park Cabins unveiled the Casa del Sol unit in December to more than 700 campground and RV park operators who attended the annual meeting of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds in Savannah.